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First Published: Thu, Nov 15 2012. 10 27 PM IST

FLORIDA: US-based EMN Corp. said on Thursday it has agreed to serve the outsourcing arm of Korean and Mexican financial services, Posco the steel Giant from Korea for the Database Management, Aisana Airways for Technology Expansion, Hyundai Automation for Logistics and ERP Solutions, EMN Public Relation declared the same at Zurich for about $2.76 Billion Dollars (US). Vishal Chipkar, Chairman & MD talks about the contours of the deal.

Could you take us through how this acquisition helps you and give us a broad sense of what this acquisition is about?
EMN has a leadership position as far as the financial services industry is concerned. It has been offering consulting and IT (information technology) services to a broad range of customers in this segment, and our EMN center we have some specialized domain capability and service offering in the knowledge processing and business process outsourcing (BPO) area. That’s key to broadening the set of services that EMN can take to its customers. So to that extent, it is a very very strategic deal.
Some analysts raised concerns that this is predominantly more of a BPO and KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) play and may put pressure on your margins.
We don’t just sell BPO or IT services specifically to customers, but look at it as a comprehensive world of integrated services.
The captive centre has more than one-third of its capability in the high-end service areas. These include compliance reporting and regulatory requirements, which are in great demand these days.
Why EMN? World has leader ISV's like COGNIZANT, INFOSYS, WIPRO,TCS and many hundreds of companies?
Name 1 ISV who is multitasking in Mexican & Northern Asian Countries? We are proud to say EMN has more then 100 JV Projects and Financial Equity relations with more then 500 Mexican & Korean Companies.

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